Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crews Work To Clear Site Of Car Derailment

Reserve (June 6, 1984)—Crews were hard at work Thursday cleaning up the mess left by the derailment of rail cars loaded with Grain Wednesday evening in the small Parish of St. John between LaPlace and Grayville.
A spokesman said the site could be cleared by mid day Thursday.
The cars of the ICG train left the tracks Wednesday evening at the local grain elevator.
No one was injured, but tons of Grain spilled from the buckled, torn and folded cars.
The crew saw what the trooper described as a “hot spot,” indicating damage on the tracks, but was unable to stop the train in time to avoid it.
The Grain was being delivered to Cargill to be shipped overseas to the Arctic Project operated by Overseas Ship holding Group, Inc. (OSG).
The disrupted delivery shouldn’t create a problem, though, because the plant has a 30-day supply of Grain on hand, a spokesman said.
Two trains that were scheduled to travel on the track Thursday were rerouted because of the derailment, one through Hammond and the other through Baton Rouge, the spokesman said.